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Benier Baguette and Roll Line with VMI Verymixer 2002'

Your Price: $275,000.00 * USD
Item Number: 25205
Manufacturer: Benier
Manufacturer Specification Sheet

*Price Does NOT include cost of crating, shipping, delivery or installation.

**The Entire Bread Line Is Manufactured By Benier, With The Exception Of The Mixer Being A VMI Manufactured Mixer**


Line includes a VMI Varymixer 2200 4000lb per hour Continuous Mixer
To include 2 main tanks for Flour and Bran, with 3 micro ingredient tanks

Line Description In Order Of Position:
1) Divider B9350, 5 pocket divider range from 140gr to 800gr
2) Preshaper
3) Double Indexing Infeed System
4) First Prover Type 800N -does not include the white enclosed box
6) Climatization Type ACK-ED
7) Conveyor
8) Curve 90° Conveyor
9) Conveyor
10) Indexing Conveyor
11) Moulder
12) CCD Unit
13) Cutting Separating And Moulding Unit
14) Conveyor
15) Conveyor
16) Switch Board Panel

General Data: 
Capacity: 3000 Dough Pieces Per Hour 
Dough Weight: 5 pocket divider range from 140gr to 800gr

Compressed Air:
Working Pressure 5-6 ATM
Consumption In Normal Air Which Means @ 20°C (68°F) And 1 ATM
T-1 Consummation 2.5 NM3/H Connection 3/8" B.S.P.
T-2 Consummation 2.4 NM3/H Connection 3/8" B.S.P.
T-3 Consummation 4.0 NM3/H Connection 3/8" B.S.P.

Drive Unit: 3 Kw/ 4 Kw
Air Consumption: 1.4 m³ Per Hour
This machine is a 5-pocket machine meaning it can do 5 x 1.500 pcs/h = 7.500 pcs/h as a theoretical maximum.
Weight range per pocket is 140 – 800 gr (4,9 – 28,2 oz).
The minimum gram can be processed at maximum 7.500 pcs/h.
With the maximum gram 1.200 strokes/h equals 6.000 pcs/h.

Product Cutting Dimensions after the moulder
1 Piece 460g (16.22 oz) 577 mm(22.7 inch)
2 Piece 300g (10.58 oz) 290 mm(11.41 Inch)
3 Piece 130g (4.58 oz)  170 mm (6.69 Inch)
4 Piece 80g   (2.82 oz)  130 mm (5.11 Inch)
5 Piece 60g   (2.11 oz)  110 mm (4.33 Inch)
6 Piece 40g   (1.41 oz)  80mm    (3.14 Inch)

First Prover Type 800N:
Net Load: 800 Dough Pieces
Proof Time: 16 Minutes And 13.3 - 10.7 - 8.0 - 5.4 Minutes
(75) - 12 Portioned Pocket Swings

Ambient Temperature: 21°C (69.8°F)
Ambient Humidity: 50% RH
Dough Temperature: 20°C (68°F)
First Prover Temperature: 21°C (69.8°F), Max 2°C (35.6°F) Above Dough Temperature 
First Prover Humidity: Max 60% RH

VMI Mixer Glycol Information

Run at  -5 to -7 degree
Capacity 40cubic meter per hour
at 2.5bar pressure

Electrical Data:  
600V 60Hz 3Ph
Controlling Current: 110V AC / 24V DC
Connected Load: 25 kw


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