Used Equipment
Extended Warranty


Bakery, Inc. guarantees all used equipment to arrive to the customer in working order.*  In addition, all USED Equipment sold by Bakery, Inc. comes with a 30 day parts only warranty.


Bakery, Inc. now offers our customers the option to purchase an extended warranty on their Used Equipment purchased from Bakery, Inc.

Cost of Warranty to Customer:

Each warranty cost is figured individually for each piece of equipment.  However the cost of the extended warranty can be expected to be approximately 10% of the purchase price of the piece of equipment. 

Duration of Extended Warranty:

The extended warranty is for 6 months from the date of invoice. 

Terms and Conditions:

The Bakery extended warranty covers parts and labor on the piece of equipment specified for a period of (6) six months from the date of invoice.

  • No labor or parts will be covered without prior authorization from Bakery
  • Only Service Agencies authorized by Bakery may perform warranty service.
  • All receipts for labor or parts must be turned into Bakery for reimbursement.
      • Receipts/Work Order must show what action was taken to determine (troubleshoot) the problem and what action was taken to fix the problem.
      • Receipts must show specific parts used with part numbers and pricing.
      • Receipts must show actual labor time spent at the location of the equipment.
      • Receipts must show any Labor TRAVEL time charged.
  • All receipts will be evaluated by a Bakery Service Specialist for approval and payment.
  • It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you get a written estimate of needed repairs prior to having any work done on the machine.*  
  • In some cases, Bakery may require that the equipment be installed by an authorized Bakery equipment specialist.

*Bakery reserves the right to replace the machine in lieu of repairing it, if repair costs exceed fair market value of the machine.

*Warranty Exclusions:

It is understood that the customer is buying a USED piece of equipment.  Keeping this in mind, the following exclusions apply:

  • Bakery warranties do not cover normal wear on the machine, or parts that may suffer normal wear and tear such as, but not limited to:  belts and fuses.
  • Bakery warranties do not cover repairs needed do to abuse or improper operation of the machine by the user.
  • Bakery warranties do not cover normal maintenance on the machine such as, but not limited to: oiling and greasing the machine, changing oil or grease.
  • Bakery warranties do not cover Service Company Truck Charges.
  • Bakery warranties do not cover labor TRAVEL charges that exceed (1) one hour round trip.
  • *Damage that occurs to the machine during transit to the customer, as the freight company should cover this.