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Belshaw Handheld Type K Depositors/Droppers

Manufacturer: Belshaw
Model Number: K-Pancake
K-Mini Donut
G-Batter Boy

*Price current for year 2003.
Price Includes Standard Ground Delivery in the Continental USA!


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Belshaw Type K Handheld Depositors
Belshaw's  line of Type K depositors offer a simple, efficient method for accurately dispensing a variety of mixes and ingredients. Type 'K' Depositors save money through labor efficiency and accurate portion control.

Each Type K depositor features 6 to 8 calibrated volume settings located on the handle, allowing instant accessibility to assure exact portion control.  An identically shaped product is easily delivered time after time.

Belshaw's Type K depositors are designed to be mastered by the novice in minutes. Operation is easily accomplished with no waste or drips.

Hopper size is generous, allowing 44 typical ( 2 oz ) portions in the case of pancake and donut depositors. Each hopper and handle is constructed of aluminum to reduce weight. Each plunger and cylinder is constructed of stainless steel to assure durability. The entire unit is corrosion resistant and easy to clean.

Belshaw's Type K series of depositors includes:

  • Type K Pancake Depositor
    for repeated identical deposits of pancakes and waffle batter
  • Type K Donut Depositor
    forms plain, mini, star and French cake donuts. With the addition of 3 small attachments (not included),  makes crescent, ball and nugget shaped donuts. (Comes with Plain Plunger only, other plungers available at additional cost)
  • Type K Hushpuppy Depositor
    forms two perfectly shaped hushpuppies at a time.
  • Type K Mini Donut Depositor
    Forms plain miniature donuts only
  • Type G 'Batter Boy' Cupcake Depositor
    Deposits clean identical cupcakes from a one gallon (5 liter) durable container that can hold up to 8 dozen.
  • Type KSS Condiment Dispenser
    Dispenses identical portions of ketchup and relishes containing small semi-solids, over a 3" diameter area.
  • Type K Donut w/Star Plunger



Deposit Range (min-max)

Average size deposits per hopper

Number of weight settings on dial

Weight Empty



Type K Pancake Depositor 5.5 lb batter wt 1/2 - 3 oz 14 - 85 g 50 8 1.5 lb
Type K Donut Dep (1-7/16") 5.5 lb batter wt 10 - 16 oz 284 - 454 g 81 6 1.5 lb
Type K Donut Dep (1-9/16") 5.5 lb batter wt 14-22 oz per dozen 397-624 g per dozen 58 6 1.5 lb
Type K Hushpuppy 5.5 lb batter wt 4-10 oz per dozen 120-288g per dozen 147 6 1.75 lb
Type KSS Condiment 32 fl oz 1/30 - 1/2 oz 1 - 15 g 240 6 4 lb
Type G Batter Boy 10.5 lb 1/2 - 3 oz 3 oz (85 g) 96 8 4.5 lb



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