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Dumoulin Automatic Chocolate Coating System/Pan, Model Coating Pan Logic

Your Price: $150,000.00 * USD
Item Number: 26997
Manufacturer: Unknown
Model No.: Coating Pan Logic

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This Unit Comes With: 
1) Coating Pan Logic Unit
1) 3-Door Control Cabinet
1) Chocolate Storage and Dosing Unit
1) Savage Bros Electric Jacketed Holding Kettle Model 0976-46-CH-EC480V3PH-FM
1) Sussman Electric Boiler Model SSB36
1) Dumoulin Munters Air Handling Unit Model NA2005/202(T10)
1) Dumoulin Donaldson Torit Dust Control Unit Model UMA253K7
1) Mokon Model HY4009AA Temperature Controller
1) Mepaco Stainless Steel Hydraulic Scissor Lift Table Model EZ4000
1) 24" x 20" Hot Water Tank

Type: Pellet coating machine
Model: Coating Pan Logic
S/N: 1494
Mfg Date: 2019
Capacity: 220 lbs - 551.15 lbs (100 to 250 kg)
Coating process Sugar coating, chocolate coating, film coating
Coating drum diameter: 55.11" (1400 mm)
Coating drum speed: 5 to 20 rpm
Product Bed Depth: 14.05" (357 mm)
Unloading Of Product From Bottom Into Portable Bin
O.A. Dims: 30'L x 20'W x 14'H
480V 60Hz 3Ph
Weight: 35000 lbs
Construction material Stainless steel

-High capacity for efficient production
-Wide range of coating process options
-Accurate and consistent coating
-Easy to operate and maintain
-Durable stainless steel construction
-PLC control for precise temperature and humidity control

-Coating a wide variety of food products, such as candy, nuts, and seeds
-Coating a variety of pharmaceutical products, such as tablets and capsules
-Coating a variety of industrial products, such as seeds and fertilizers

-High capacity and efficiency for increased production
-Wide range of coating process options for versatility
-Accurate and consistent coating for a high-quality product
-Easy to operate and maintain for reduced labor costs
-Durable stainless steel construction for long service life

The Dumoulin Pan Coater System, Model Coating Pan Logic is a versatile and efficient coater that can be used to coat a wide variety of products. It is ideal for high-volume production and is known for its accuracy, consistency, and ease of use.


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