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Chain Guard Food Safe Cooler Chain Lubricant

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Item Number: 19187
Manufacturer: Bakery
Model No.: CG-FS-CC-H1

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Size: 55 Gallon Drum

Chain Guard® CG-FS-CC-H1 Series are 100% fully synthetic lubricants specially formulated and blended from premium polyalphaolefin (PAO) base oils complete with advanced additives for use on the most demanding cooling conveyor systems and cooling rack chain applications in the food processing industry.

The CG-FS-CC-H1 Series is designed for a wide range of cooling system applications used to ensure reduced chain stretching with superior anti-wear protection where NSF H1 regulations are enforced. Its “incidental food contact” designation allows this multi-purpose food grade lubricant to be used in a wide variety of bakery cooling applications. The series provides reduced varnish and deposit build up, low evaporation rates, wide temperature ranges along with excellent anticorrosion and water washout properties while maintaining high load carrying capacities. The long lubricating life of the CG-FS-CC-H1 Series allows the product to outperform competitor lubricants and make it the best choice for all types of cooling conveyor systems.