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Chicago Metallic 18 X 13 Half Size Sheet Pans 40950 / 40955

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Manufacturer: Chicago Metallic
Model No.: 40950 / 40955
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Chicago Metallic is a manufacturer of high quality commercial  metal bakeware serving the foodservice, supermarket and retail baking markets. Founded in 1898 by the Debs family, the firm has established itself as an expert in metal bakeware.

               Full                3/4 Size              Half            1/4 Size       1/8 Size
             18 X 26             15 X 21             18 X 13        9-1/2 X 13    6-1/2 X 9-1/2

                               Sold by the Case (12 Pans Per Case)

Half-Sized Sheet Pans   Wire in rim (unless otherwise noted)
Plain Glazed Description Weight
Each, lb.
Size, in
40850 40855 18 gauge, wire in rim 2.1 18 X 13 X 1
40950 40955 14 gauge, sanitary open bead/semi-curled rim 1.7 18 X 13 X 1


---- 40952 14 gauge BAKALON®, sanitary open bead/semi-curled rim 1.7 18 X 13 X 1

DURASHIELD® non-stick coating:

---- 40858 18 gauge DURASHIELD®, wire in rim 1.9 18 X 13 X 1

Perforated Aluminum:

40857 40851 18 gauge, wire in rim, bottom perforation only 1.9 18 X 13 X 1

Residential Delivery Available at Additional Cost.
No International  Delivery Available

Pan Use & Care Guidelines

Daily Use
LUBRICATE PANS - Apply a baking pan lubricant to the baking areas of the pan prior to each use. Brand new pans, once seasoned, do not require as much lubrication as older pans.

DE-PAN PRODUCTS QUICKLY - Baked products should be de-panned while the pan is still hot or warm. If baked products are allowed to cool in the pan, steam from the product will penetrate the glaze and may cause glaze lifting, premature glaze failure and damage to the Pan's surface.

DO NOT SCRATCH OR SCRAPE PANS - Do not use metal utensils or other objects that could scratch the glaze. Deep scratches may cause surface corrosion on the pan.

Daily Cleaning

CLEAN AS YOU GO - Wiping still-warm pans with a clean towel, or a towel that has pan lubricant on it, usually provides adequate cleaning. Avoid pan washing whenever possible.

WASH WITH MILD SOAP AND WATER - Commercial baking pans can be washed with pH-neutral products, but only when absolutely necessary. Do not use acidic cleansers, alkaline detergents or abrasive scrubbing pads. Use of these materials will cause the glaze to fail prematurely and may  cause corrosion. Do not soak pans in water. Do not wash in automatic dishwashers.


SEASONING PROCESS - Apply a baking pan lubricant to both sides of the pan and place in an oven until the pan is hot to the touch.
New pans must be seasoned before first use.

ONCE DRY, STORE PANS UPSIDE DOWN -Do not nest pans immediately after towel drying. Keep pans away from moist and humid storage environments. The best storage areas are dry, warm storage areas or still-warm ovens.

Sure Bake and Glaze
Most Chicago Metallic baking pans are available plain or with Sure Bake and Glaze. Sure Bake and Glaze (SB&G) is a two part process developed to provide the best possible surface for baking. The first part, called Sure Bake, is an electrolytic bath process that prepares the pan’s surfaces for the application of glaze by providing a little "tooth" to the surface of the pan. This preparation allows the glaze to adhere tightly to the pan’s surface providing a longer glaze life.

The second part of the Sure Bake and Glaze process is the application of the silicone coating itself (Glaze) to the prepared surface. The purpose of the glaze is to promote the easy release of baked products from the pan. Although glazing is not a permanent coating, commercial reglazing facilities are available.

Pan glaze and pan life can be prolonged with a preventative maintenance program designed for each particular pan. The key to success of any baking pan maintenance program is that management must first develop a philosophy about the care of pans, establish a definitive pan-care training program, and insist that all associated with the use of the pans follow the designed program, including periodic pan reglazing cycles.

Fore more information on Bakeware Handling and Cleaning Guidelines, please see the Specification Sheet PDF File.

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