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Terms and Conditions:

  • This Limited Warranty becomes effective on the date of delivery
  • A signed and dated Limited Warranty and Delivery Report, fully complete, must be on file at AM Manufacturing within ten (10) days of delivery or installation, whichever is later, to receive warranty reimbursement.
  • Warranty claims may be made by telephone, letter, or fax. However, all verbal claims must be confirmed in writing. AM Manufacturing reserves the right to require return of all claimed defective parts.
  • AM Manufacturing will reimburse the claimant for the full amount paid for the part, including all associated freight costs, upon return of the failed part(s) and/or approval of the warranty claim for a period of one year from date of purchase.
  • During the first ninety (90) days after delivery, AM Manufacturing will reimburse the authorized agent of purchaser for the cost of reasonable labor to remove the failed part(s) and install the replacement(s). After ninety (90) days, all labor charges will be the purchasers responsibility.
  • This Limited Warranty may not be changed or modified and is not subject to any other warranty expressed or implied by any other agent, dealer, or distributor unless approved in writing by AM Manufacturing in advance of any claim being filed.
  • This warranty gives you specific legal rights which vary from state to state.
  • AM Manufacturing reserves the right to make the final decision on all warranty coverage questions. The decision of the company is final.

What Is Covered

  • Parts that fail due to defects in material or workmanship.
  • Parts that fail due to faulty assembly by AM Manufacturing.
  • Parts that fail due to improper set-up by AM Manufacturing or it's employees.

What Is Not Covered

  • Parts that fail due to improper usage of overloading of the machine.
  • Parts that fail due to lack of or omission of prescribed maintenance and service.
  • Parts that fail due to abuse, misuse, or modification.
  • Normal wearing parts such as: Conveyor Belts, "V" Belts, "O" Rings, Piston Rings, Seal Scraper rings etc... The warranty on these parts is that they will be in satisfactory operating condition at time of shipment. Claims on such parts must be made immediately.
  • Loss of time, potential revenue, and/or profits.
  • Personal injury or property damage resulting from the operation of this machine.
  • All electrical components including motors will be warranted for 30 days.



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