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Congratulations on your decision to open a Bakery / Donut Shop! We know that deciding what equipment you may want and what equipment may be absolutely necessary is a big chore. We have put together a list of equipment that you may want to consider, and some estimated costs to help you determine what will fit into your budget.
Look over the list, and check those items that you feel will be necessary to your production, we will then create a quote of equipment that we have available that matches your request.

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Please give a brief description of your estimated production rate and types of products your bakery will be making:

Do you primarily prefer GAS Equipment, or Electric
Electric Equipment is usually less expensive, but GAS Equipment will save you money in the long run with lower utility costs and maintenance.

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 ITEMS FOR GENERAL BAKERY ( Cookies, Pies, Cakes & Breads)    
Convection Oven
If you are just starting out, you may want to consider a small convection oven. It doesn't take up much space and can fit up to 5 standard sheet pans (18"X26" pans) at a time.
A Double Convection oven would allow for baking at two temperatures at the same time, and would double your pan capacity. Convection ovens are available in GAS or Electric (Usually 3 phase power is required for electric)
(Single Elect)

(Single Elect)

Rotating Rack Oven
For larger production a Rotating Rack oven allows you to roll an entire rack of product into the oven. (one rack usually holds 20 standard (18"X26") sheet pans).
These ovens are very popular for all types of products and are available in GAS or Electric (3 phase)
(Single Elect)

(Single Elect)

Revolving Tray Oven
For larger production a Revolving Tray oven has "trays" or shelves that rotate in the oven similar to a Ferris Wheel. You place standard 18"X26" sheet pans or product on the shelves. Revolving Tray ovens very in size from 8 pan capacity to 36 pans+.
These ovens are popular for all types of products, but are used mostly in Bagel and Bread production.
Revolving Tray ovens are available in GAS or Electric. (3 phase)
(Mid Price - Elect)

(Mid Price - Elect)

Deck Oven
For Mid-Large Production a Deck Oven has an opening that allows you to slide the sheet pans or product onto the deck. These ovens are popular for Artisan Breads and Pizza Type Products.  Available with steel or stone hearth decks. Available in GAS, Electric or Wood Fired.
(Single Elect)

(Single Elect)

Mobile Proof Box
If you are doing products that will require your dough to be proofed (rise) you will need a proof box. (Breads, donuts, bagels etc)
A  mobile proof box takes up little space and usually holds about 20 standard sheet pans (18"X26" pans) of product at a time.  Because it is mobile, it can be moved out of the way when not in  use. These are good for "Start up bakeries or small production bakeries.


Built in Place Proof Box
For larger production and space. These proof boxes are built i place and allow for you to roll your entire transit rack (holding aprox 20 standard 18"X26" sheet pans) into the proof box. A built in place proof box can be as large as you need to hold as many racks as you need.
(Single Wide)

(Single Wide)

Donut Production Proof boxes.
If you will be doing primarily donuts, in an assembly line fashion, you may want to invest in a donut proofer that will work in line with your donut production system.
Not Readily Available $3,000.00

Standard Dough Sheeter
If you are making products that will require the dough to be rolled out (pie crusts, yeast donuts etc) a dough sheeter can save you time and labor expenses.  The dough sheeter rolls the dough for you, and can be set up with cutting stations to automatically cut the dough in to the shapes that you will need (such as donuts)
If you are doing more elaborate products such as croissant or other delicate pastries, you may require a reversible dough sheeter that will gradually roll the dough to the desired thickness.


Planetary Mixer
A planetary dough mixer is the one that most people recognize. It's similar to a mixer you might have at home. Planetary mixers range in size from about 10 quarts to 140 quarts+

A start up bakery might consider a 30-40 quart mixer

A Larger production may want to consider a 60-80 quart mixer









Spiral Mixer
A Spiral Mixer is usually used for heavier doughs, such as bagel dough.
These mixers come in a variety of sizes.
A common size would be a 100# or 1 bag mixer.


Horizontal Mixer
A horizontal mixer is going to be for very large production mixing.
Average size is 500 lb mixing capacity. 


Standard Work Table
You will need either a Maple Top or  Stainless Steel Work Table
Size will depend on your needs, but the be sure to budget in for your table!


Machine Stand
Depending on which equipment you end up with, you may want additional space to put one or more pieces of our equipment at work height. For example, a small mixer.
Not Readily Available $200.00

Standard 3 Compartment Sink
Most Counties will require that you have a 3-compartment sink for doing dishes.


Hand Wash Sink - Wall Mount
A wall mounted hand sink may be a priority for your shop as well.


If you will be doing donuts, you may need additional equipment besides the items you have checked above.


Standard 18X26 Donut Fryer
A standard 18X26 donut fryer works best if you want to keep your pans, screens etc all a standard size of 18"X26"
An 18X26 Donut fryer has a donut production rate of about 80 dz donuts per hours.
Available in GAS or ELECTRIC


Standard 24X24 Donut Fryer
A 24X24 Fryer ups your production to about 100 dz donuts per hour


Standard 24X34 Donut Fryer
A 24X34 Fryer ups your production to about 150 dz donuts per hour


Countertop Donut Fryers (Donut Robots)
Countertop donut fryers are very popular for shops with small spaces. There are very many styles to choose from with the Popular Belshaw Mark II being very common.
The production rate of the Mark II is about 43 dz donuts per hour (standard size) and about 196 dz Miniature donuts per hour (for mini donuts models).
These donut fryers include an automatic donut depositor.
If you desire information on other NEW countertop models, please visit our Counter top Donut Fryer section of the web site.


Standard Shortening Filter
Shortening filters come in several styles. They are used to filter the shortening from the donut fryer.
(Used filters - by themselves - are not common to find. Most of our USED fryers would include the filter)


Hand Held  Donut Cutters
If you plan to do raised donuts such as glazed or Long Johns, you will need to first sheet the dough (roll it out) and then cut it into donut shapes.
For start up bakeries or those with small-mid size productions hand held donut cutters are an affordable option.
Not Readily Available $95.00-$200

Cutting Stations
For larger production, you may want to invest in a cutting station for your dough sheeter. Not all sheeters can accommodate a cutting station, so it is important to decide if this will be an option for you when your purchase your dough sheeter.
Sheeters with a cutting station are on average about $1000-$2000 more than one without the cutting station.
+ Price of

+ Price of

Standard Type B Donut Depositors
A donut depositor has a hopper that is filled with cake donut dough and drops cake donuts into the fryer.
A type B Donut depositor uses a hand crank that is operated by you, and you crank the handle to deposit donut into the fryer.
These units can be mounted directly to the fryer or to a wall behind the fryer with a swing arm to position the depositor over the fryer.


Standard Type F Donut Depositor
A Type F Depositor is similar to the Type B, except that it is automatic and the depositing is done by a small motor instead of a hand crank.


Standard Type K Donut Depositor
A Type K Depositor is a hand held hopper that drops donuts into the fryer when the trigger is squeezed by the operator.
Not Readily Available $165.00

Standard Donut Glazer
A standard 18X26 Donut glazer is used to evenly distribute glaze over the donuts.
(Also available in 24X24 and 24X34 sized to match fryer sizes)


Standard Dry Display Case 4-6 ft
Standard case, curved glass, no options


Standard Refrigerated Case 4-6 ft
Standard Case, Curved glass, no options


In addition to the items you have checked above, please remember to budget for:

  • Small Wares $1,500.00
    Pans, Donut Screens, Utensils Etc - We have these available to purchase

  • Refrigeration $500-$3,500+
    Cooler and or Freezer. ( We have limited quantities of these available for purchase)

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