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E-Mail and Mailing List Privacy

We respect the privacy of all of our customers. We use your e-mail address only when we respond to your requests, communicate with you during our customer service process, confirm your order, or to notify you of changes/updates to an order. We assure you, your e-mail address will not be made available to other companies.

All responses and comments submitted through our on-line surveys and questionnaires are anonymous and kept confidential. Any information provided is used by Bakery for marketing and statistical purposes and will not be shared with any other company.


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How Internet Security Works

Sales transactions processed through Bakery are Guaranteed to be 100% Secure. We've gathered  together some information to give you what you need to know when you're conducting transactions securely over the internet.

Secure Space Indicators: How do you know when you are on a secure page?

Look at the URL. URLs (location calls) for pages in Secure Web Space begin with 'https:' instead of the familiar 'http:'. Secure Connection Indicators. Look for a locked padlock or other security indicator in one of your browser's lower corners. Browser Prompts. Your browser may prompt you that you have requested a secure document, letting you know you are about to enter Secure Web Space.

Temporary Cookies. In order to make use of this site, you need to make sure that cookies are enabled in your browser. We use temporary cookies to maintain the information in your shopping cart.

Data Encryption: You can see it - but you can't read it!.

Computers communicate by sending strings of text back and forth. These strings of text look just like the sentences you are now reading. If someone were to intercept copies of these text strings they would be able to read very easily any private information contained therein.

When a document is requested by your browser while in Secure Web Space, all of the text strings that are sent back and forth are encoded in such a manner that only your browser and the computer it is talking to can decipher the code.

A typical secured transmission might look like this:

Exl8nKJ23cieaclnhdljcojpaoi09q0alkcmap09ujoilakmc jrDoaallkn043jajoicisdcjojiowfjrjsadtrtrttewrakkw lakcmailkJasjfocojhgohilklkanvakajkvanyuuosaqqrqr vaavasfdacrfp3pFWrjrwmlkslfkflkqweeqwwtetwuyrjuui

Not only is the data unreadable by anyone who might intercept it, but the ciphers used by today's computers to encrypt data are so complex that it could take a Pentium computer approximately 25 years of number crunching to decipher a single message.

Transactions done from within Secure Web Space using this encryption technology are extremely safe, allowing one to submit personal information in total privacy and without worry.

The Bottom Line: What effect does all this have on my shopping?

As you fill your shopping cart your browser may prompt you from time to time that you are about to enter insecure information....but don't worry! The majority of the information you submit on any web site does not need to be secured.

Some of our pages may give you a warning that the page you are about to enter contains secure AND non-secure items. These pages are safe and your personal information is part of the 'Secure' portion of the page. Some of our graphics may prompt this warning.

Rest assured, however, that when you are finalizing your Bakery order and are prompted to enter personal information, namely credit card numbers, this information is as safe and secure as any face-to-face transaction could possibly be...perhaps even more so.

These tips are meant to explain exactly how to tell when you have entered secure web space and how worry-free transactions can be performed over the Internet.


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