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Bakery is your one stop source for all of your bakery equipment needs.  Find everything from small wares to large commercial ovens and mixers.  Bakery offers major brands for Ovens, Mixers, Cases, Fryers, Sheeters, Tables and much much more!
Wholesale pricing, open to the public!

Featured Items                                     

Kemper Spiral Mixer, Model: SP150AL...

"Reconditioned - Ready to Ship" Boku Spiral Mixer Wi...

Glimek/Benier 336 Pocket Bread Line...

Tonelli Mixer, 120 Liters, Model: Universal 2000...

Esmach Divider Model: SP/2DL...

Cleveland Gas Kettle Model: KGL 4OT...

Oshikiri Horizontal Mixer, Model: HM1300F, 1300 lbs...

Peerless Rollerbar Mixer, Model: HS13HD, 1300lb Capacity...

Champion Horizontal Tilt Mixer, 500lb Capacity...

LeMatic Modular Spindle Roll Slicer Model: GU7-5W...

Baxter Double Rack Oven, Gas, Model: OV210G-M2B...

Rondo Compass Sheeter, Model: SFA69...

Hobart Single Rack Oven, Gas, Model: HO210G1...

Blodgett Gas Convection Oven, Model: DFG-100...

Recent Used Equipment Listings          
Polin Multidrop Cookie Depos 4/17/2014
Revent Double Rack Oven, Gas 4/15/2014
Revent Double Rack Oven, Gas 4/15/2014
Pietro Berto Reversible Shee 4/14/2014
Rondo Sweet Goods Sheeting L 4/7/2014
Benier Conical Rounder, Mode 4/4/2014
Benier Conical Rounder, Mode 4/4/2014
Reed Pass Thru Proofer, Mode 4/4/2014
Reed Pass Thru Proof Box, Mo 4/4/2014
Baktek Water Chiller, Model: 4/3/2014
Blakeslee 30qt. Mixer, Model 4/3/2014
Baxter 36 Pan Revolving Tray 4/3/2014
Rondo Reversible Sheeter, Mo 4/3/2014
Baxter Double Rack Oven, Mod 4/2/2014
Kemper Quadro Round 4/1/2014
Belshaw 634 Donut Production 4/1/2014
Revent Double Rack Gas Oven, 3/31/2014
Blodgett Convection Gas Oven 3/31/2014
Artifax Mixer With Bowl, Mod 3/28/2014
Champion Sigma Horizontal Mi 3/27/2014


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